Our Founder

Volkan Keskinoğlu has graduated from the Hacettepe University, Food Engineering Department and has started with his career at Unilever Turkey. During his professional life he has worked both in domestic and overseas middle and upper level managerial positions at international pioneers such as the companies Effemex Mars, Henkel, Johnson & Johnson. In 1991-1993 he worked at Henkel in Spain in the Product Manager position and has created the Sales Operations department when he returned to Turkey.

Keskinoglu, directly entered the Point of Purchase "POP" sector for the first time in 1998 and served as Director General of RTC Industries Eurasia. In 2000-2001, he has been appointed Vice president in charge of the RTC Industries in Europe, Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Turkic Republics and Russia.

In 2001 he established the ICM Europe and ICM United States offices which are their own companies.

Volkan Keskinoğlu serves with his ICM-Integrated Concept Management system in Turkey, which provides multi-faceted Marketing at Retail solutions in Turkey, Eastern Europe, Turkic Republics and Middle East for many international companies such as Coca Cola, Unilever, PepsiCola, Fritolay, Mars, FHP Vileda , Reckitt Benckiser. ICM convert their “above the line strategy” within the framework of a concept integration to an “under the line point of sale” application, and with his created POP Solutions he provides the return on investment for business partners.

Since 1998 Volkan Keskinoglu has continued his negotiations with the Point of Purchase Advertising International, "POPAI" for the purpose of the modernization of the Turkey POP industry, and in 2005, has established the POPAI Turkey offices. He currently is the Chairman of POPAI Turkey.

In 2007, he made editorship for the world's first sectoral reference book “Marketing at retail” and as such has brought the first Turkish-language reference books of the sector to Turkey.

In 2008, he leaded the realization of the world's first and only POP design competition Outstanding Merchandising Award "OMA" which is known as the POP Oscar for the first time in Turkey. With the support of the Industrial Designers Occupational Society "ETMK and Marketingist, the first OMA award has been awarded in Turkey.

In 2007, together with Mey Alcoholic Beverages he initiated the “Yeni Raki” marketing project in the United States and with the establishment of United Spirits of Mediterranean LLC, has created the marketing and distribution system for Mey products primarily including the Yeni Raki in the United States.

In 2010 he initiated the development of Turkish Wine in the USA with the brand Doluca, and took the representation of the brand Doluca.

Volkan Keskinoğlu also appears at the POP design competitions abroad as an honorary member of the Jury, provides support as a guest on TV programs, provides article support for sector related publications, and realizes seminars and workshops.

Keskinoğlu, except of his professional life in the field of Marketing and Marketing at Retail, also acted between the years 1980-1984 in the Ankara Art Theatre as a professional actor and executed his group presidency of the Hacettepe University theater group as director and actor. His hobbies are dancing, music, history, philosophy, and sports. He speaks fluent in English and Spanish.